Richwoods in Frisco, TX – Master Planned Community and Neighborhood Tour

Richwoods of Frisco TX Neighborhood Community Tour | Master Planned Community

Of course, you’re considering a move to Frisco, Texas, one of the fastest growing most desirable cities in the whole country. And I’m going to show you one of the neighborhoods in this amazing city called the Richwoods of Frisco.

Hey, Billy Cowell here. I am a North Texas realtor with EXP Realty. I help transplants and families find the best place to find home. My main focus is in Frisco, Texas, and the surrounding areas as well. Today I am standing right outside, let’s see if I can get the beautiful layout here of the Richwoods in Frisco. So if you’re considering a move to the Richwoods of Frisco, or you’ve looked at some of the neighborhoods, or you want to know something about Frisco and one of the best, most exclusive neighborhoods in this area, I want you to stick around and watch the rest of this video as I take you through the community, and we do a little tour.

We’re going to showcase the different styles of homes that are here. The different types of architecture, how big the yards are, what is the general feel as if you were here with me right now. I want you to watch this video as I kind of cruise around, I’m going to stop at the amenity center. I’m going to do a couple of really cool things to kind of give you a good feel for what it’s like to be in the Richwoods. Now, the Richwoods is an exclusive community in one of the most desirable and sought-after neighborhoods, as I have said in all of Frisco. So even the entryway here is just absolutely beautiful. And driving around on a day like today, obviously you can see the background. It doesn’t get any better than this. Believe it or not, It’s mid-August, and it’s a hundred degrees in Texas, but you actually, I mean, I’m from the Northeast. You get used to the temperature.

So without further ado, I’m going to take you through the community, and I’m going to end off at the clubhouse and the amenity center and show you what that looks like then as well. So let’s do it.

So now that we’ve explored most of the community and the houses and different layouts, we are going to wander over to the amenity center. Now, unfortunately, because of coronavirus, the amenity center is closed. So I can’t even go into the clubhouse, which is just humongous, and the pool and the area like that. So I’m going to see what kind of video footage I can take from the fence. And I’ll use that. And you can see that, and then you can get some pictures in the blog post that I’ll link to down below. But as you saw, as we drove around the community, it’s a hundred percent single family homes currently valued between half a million and just south of a million dollars. It’s all Frisco School District. As a matter of fact, the school districts here are amazing.

So this is a beautifully laid out master planned community, one of the best and most sought after neighborhoods in all of, I mean, literally of the country, because Frisco’s one of the fastest-growing, most sought-after cities, as I mentioned before, and this is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in that city. Let me find a good place. I know you don’t really want to see me, but this is as good as it gets. So I’m going to go take a quick glimpse of the amenity center as best as I can. And I’ll finish the video.

So there you have it, the Richwoods of Frisco, Texas. And if you are already a transplant, you’re an investor looking for some good ideas, or you’re a local that just wants to know a little bit about the area that you live in, I encourage you to subscribe, I want to encourage you to shoot me a Facebook friend request. Let’s do this together. Let’s find your dream home. Let’s make this, your journey in North Texas, as good as it has been for me and my family. And if there’s anything I can do for you, reach out to me, and I hope this has brought tremendous value to you. And I want to encourage you to be bold, and make a move.